Founder, Principal & Designated Broker License ID: 950800064

Elizabeth Fanning

Elizabeth Fanning, a principal broker and designated broker for Washington, was born and bred in a humble town in Northern California. This early environment underscored for her the value of human connection, where simple greetings and expressions of gratitude were a cherished part of the local culture. Her roots run deep into the agricultural heritage of Beaverton, where her grandparents once toiled on farms and which she now calls home.

For two decades, Fanning has held a realtor's license in Oregon, creating relationships that blur the line between client and family. She honed her leadership skills as the managing Principal Broker for a boutique brokerage in the early stages of her career. This experience has fueled her entrepreneurial spirit and led her to establish Host Realty.

Elizabeth Fanning's Story

A passion for people

An interesting tidbit about Fanning's colorful past includes a stint as a bartender in Vesper, the top-rated craft cocktail bar in Las Vegas' Cosmopolitan, where she served patrons for four years. She firmly believes that her passion for people, combined with her experiences in hospitality and real estate, is the driving force behind the unique ethos and inspiration that shapes her business.

As a specialist in working with buyers and sellers, Fanning eagerly looks forward to welcoming new clients into her extended family at Host Realty.

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